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WappCap’s 1 year return on ratings is over 30%, with a success rate of about 80%. There’s a reason we’re rated within the top 1% of financial experts (by


Created in 2016, WappCap publishes detailed stock analysis and ratings.

WappCap has grown to be one of the most successful ratings agencies. We publish detailed stock analysis media on various financial websites, like Seeking Alpha. We also have a subscription-only service of hypothetical portfolios, ratings, and more.

Investment Ideas

We strive to find undervalued, underfollowed stocks and securities for high returns.

Portfolio Strategy

We help you find the best portfolio strategy for your goals through detailed analysis by market experts.

Risk Mitigation

All ratings are unbiased. We list all potential risks in our ratings to allow you to make the best decision.

We Help You Make Money

WappCap publishes original analysis, headed  by James LePage, alongside a team of financial professionals. We write about undervalued, unknown stocks with high return potential. Our articles are meticulously crafted to help you make the decision to invest (or not) in a security, utilizing original analysis, valuation models, and industry experience. Over 80% of our ratings are correct, with a 1-year return rate of over 30%, meaning if you invested $100,000 following our ratings one year ago, you would have made $30,000 in returns.

A Global Leader

We’re a top rated financial media publisher on Seeking Alpha, with over 1000 active followers. Our process of finding stocks, analyzing them, valuating them and publishing our findings has made us a global leader.


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Average ratings success rate

The Wappinger Capital Research Bi-Weekly Newsletter

The Wappinger Capital Research Bi-Weekly Newsletter is a free newsletter published every two weeks. Its aim is to give you investment ideas, knowledge on current market conditions and WappCap news. Sign up now!

Featured Analysis Reports

WappCap has published many profitable stock analysis articles and newsletters. Here are three of our favorite analysis pieces.

WappCap Direct

WappCap Direct is a subscription based service, offering ratings, analysis and more.

  • For $25 a month, you will get access to WappCap Direct.
  • WappCap Direct publishes exclusive ratings and analysis which is only available to members.
  • There is an active members forum for investment ideas, discussions and questions. WappCap Staff are active in these forums.
  • The service also publishes hypothetical portfolios. As an example, one portfolio has a 1-year return of 78%.

WappCap Direct Testomonials

“I refer to WappCap Direct ratings when looking into a new investment. The service also publishes detailed analysis on undervalued, unknown stocks, which could prove to be great investments. I bought into EXPI at $5. It’s now trading at $13.”

Louie Britton

“WappCap Direct portfolios are awesome. WappCap staff publishes these hypothetical portfolios and they are chock full of stocks that I would have never even known about. I’m currently following the Chinese Growth Portfolio.”

Sara Morielli


WappCap Direct offers monthly and annual subscription plans.

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